HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dear Team Members,

WOW, there is SOOOOOO much to look back on this past year, and SOOOO MUCH to look forward to in 2019!!!

We trust you all had a SPECIAL CHRISTMAS celebrating our SAVIOR’S BIRTH!!!!!! Six friends joined us at supper time, as our friend Mary Jean works in a hospital and had to work that day. Our time was REALLY SPECIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just as we thought Cherrie’s health was getting better, she needed a total knee replacement, which was done on October 18th. All has gone well, and she is now walking without a walker or a cane. Plus, she is finished with physical therapy! Then on December 28th she had to have dental work done – a root canal which left her wiped out and feeling like a zombie. The dental surgeon feels that part of the problem was the cap that is on the tooth and that needs to be replaced – ouch. So this month we will work in that direction, and appreciate your PRAYERS in the details! BUT we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel of medical issues, and healthier days ahead! Cherrie is still on Anastrazole for three more years, which is a hormone blocker. Her cancer check ups (next one on the 17th of this month) continue to be encouraging! Thank you all so very much for your LOVE, CARE, and PRAYERS which mean SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!

In our last letter we asked PRAYERS for our friend Mark Cain, as he has been diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Joyce, Mark’s wife, wrote this on New Years Day:

Complications related to his first chemo landed Mark in the hospital for a week. He gets out tomorrow, January 2nd. The Lord is leading us to have his Chemo’s in the future done up in Christiana Hospital, one of the best in the land. He will receive five days of 24-hour chemo and 24 hour nurse care every three weeks for the next five chemo sessions. (next possibly week of Jan. 14th?) It is located 1 hr. and 15 mins away so I would stay in a guest facility if available or a motel nearby. We would covet your continued PRAYERS for wisdom for the doctors and that God would allow this cancer to go into remission and stay that way!! Mark has been under good care and in good spirits. He continually has the goal before him to get to the finish line in Bible translation, going to Colombia in August of this year!!!! May God give us this burning desire of our hearts so that the Guahibo Bible can be printed. We count it a privilege and blessing to have a HOST of people behind us in this challenging phase of our lives!!!

Mark and Joyce have worked in Colombia since 1973, the same year we first went to Australia. Thank you all for your continued PRAYERS FOR THEM!!

We are really encouraged as we hear news of Ethnic groups around the world responding to the Gospel Message, and then by faith reaching out to other folk around themselves with this life changing message. Knowing you have had a part in our lives over the years and the lives of our students who are now on foreign fields means so much!!!!!

How we wish we could pop in for a visit with you!!!! Though it is not possible to visit you, you are in our HEARTS and PRAYERS!!! We wish you GOD’S BEST!!!!!!


Charlie & Cherrie