I just spent some time reviewing my finances for the year and found that, including what I gave away, I had more income than I had expenses. That’s possible because of all your generous extra gifts! Praise God! Thank you so much for being a part of my life and ministry! Seriously. I must share with you, also, that I will be starting 2019 with absolutely no debt. The house and lot are fully paid for. Please rejoice with me in His provision! My support account at IBC is healthy and ready for a new season. God has been so good to me!!

I have been enjoying a couple of weeks out of the office. I visited my sister and her husband in Dallas for about 6 days, enjoying a great time of catching up, eating, and hanging out. Then my brother from Indianapolis spent another 6 days with me in Flagstaff. We also enjoyed a good time of sharing, hiking, eating, and getting to know each other better. We took a trip to Phoenix to see our brother Steve and his wife. When our 2 ½-hour drive back to Flagstaff turned into 5 hours on mostly icy roads, we were just grateful for safety and time together.

Classes begin again on the 14th. I will be teaching Personal Finance, Introduction to Missions, and Christ and Culture, in addition to Piano, Voice, and Guitar. I will also be overseeing Life Coaching for the freshmen and Christian Service Assignments for the sophomore students. I would really appreciate your prayers for the ability to do an excellent job in all of these tasks and to minister effectively to all those with whom I come in contact.

Thank you so much! You are appreciated!

May 2019 be the best year yet in terms of spiritual growth, effective ministry, and seeing those with whom we are in contact either come to trust in Christ or grow in Him as a result of our influence.


Martha Gushee