Dear friends and family

The week before Christmas was disappointing, they all went off to a church opening. Only Sevis was there. Sevis has been very faithful in coming. It rained all night Thursday night so the road was muddy. There was a truck bogged on the road but I was able to get around it. I then tried to tow it but couldn’t get enough grip on the wet road to pull the heavy truck with the Landcruiser.

This week was a bit more encouraging as most of them came. I gave a review of the last lesson as they weren’t there for it. We started Paul’s 2nd missionary journey. I got them to think about why Paul wanted to go back to where they had already preached the gospel, especially after what happened the last time they were at Lystra when Paul was stoned. I asked them if they looked after their small children and they said, “Yes.” They give them water, food and shelter. I asked what would happen if they didn’t look after them. They said that they would die. So I said that the new converts in those towns where they preached the gospel were like small children. They needed to go back and teach them more of God’s word but Satan tried to stop them by causing the disagreement between Paul and Barnabas. Then the Holy Spirit prevented them from going into Asia and Bithynia and directed them to Macedonia. But didn’t the people of Asia and Bithynia need the gospel just as much as the people of Macedonia? Then I brought out that God Aia ekesa yigisenaamo megei nomolobe (God always follows His own thinking or purpose). We don’t always know why God does things the way He does.

It rained all night again Thursday night so the road was very slippery. The pictures show some of the trucks bogged on the road. We were able to get around them and get through without any trouble.

With love from

David and Wendy