Hanger Info

Funding for the Office Manager position is coming in slowly, and has covered Bethany’s hours so far. Thank you so much to those who have chosen to support this need. Bethany is efficient and focused as she flies through the tasks given to her. Wish we could keep her, as she has been a HUGE help these past few months. I could tell you more about what all she has been working on but being her Mom, it would probably sound like bragging. Ok, I will tell at least one thing. She did help plan an event…

Plane open for viewing. Dave Hardin came up from Mexico to share about the ministry this plane could help with.
View of hanger during the event.

Cookies & Coffee at the Hanger was something new we tried in November, and it was a wonderful success! There were fewer people then we anticipated coming, but smaller groups are actually very nice for visiting and lend to more interaction. We had the plane open in the hanger so people could actually see the work in progress. The main jobs were labeled and Paul and Tony were available to answer questions at the plane… LOTS of questions were asked. Cookies were served on top of the guy’s toolboxes – which I thought was pretty cool! In the end, the cost of a new propeller ($13,000.00) was covered. That is a HUGE praise! Sure makes Paul happy because he can continue to move forward on the repairs and get this plane down to Mexico as soon as possible! This is the plane that has been in the restoration process for the past four years.

Delightful pic of the engine that needs to go on the plane!


Matthew was working construction last month…up on the top of a roof, holding on and using a nail gun. Anyway, the nail shot through the wood and into his ring finger of his right hand, hitting the bone! Paul called me to share the news and I had Matthew immediately start Melaleuca and Lavender every 15 min. (Yes, Essential Oils!) When I got home, I looked it over, asked a bunch of questions (for health and to find out if he was being stupid…which he wasn’t) and off we went to urgent care for a tetanus shot. He had some swelling and pain in that hand of course. We continued treating with essential oils and within 4 days he was back to normal function. I have pictures if you want to see :).

One more bit of news: Matthew passed his flight tests and is now a Private Pilot! We are very proud of him for completing it and thankful to those here in Tucson who helped him prepare. He has had an interesting year working toward getting that done! Currently he is in the application process for the Sheriff Department in San Diego, CA. So far he has passed the entrance examination and is now in the process of his background check. If God continues to open these doors, he will be moving to CA in January to establish residency and begin the Sheriff Academy in March. We sure appreciate your prayers as he moves forward down this path.

Other Happenings in our home

March 23rd is the WEDDING date, although invitations have not been sent out yet. Bethany and Filipe have been waiting on his job situation. We are happy that the company he’s been working with has offered him a great job… Bethany will soon be living just outside of Washington DC!

Gabriel, Miriam and Jesse are all well. School keeps everyone busy day to day. Gabriel is excited to be a senior come January. His plans as of now are to go to Word of Life Hungary in January of 2020.

We are all involved in the 3-day Living Nativity production coming up this weekend. I have been directing this for a couple years now and really enjoy it. No new sets this year (we already have 12 and Paul said no more building new ones) but I have been tweaking the script and scenes again as I see ways to improve. Please pray for no rain for the 14-16th.
No Christmas cards went out this year – I am just letting that one go. We do of course wish you a wonderful holiday season. I hope you each enjoy special time with family and friends as we all celebrate the birth of Christ, which brought us The Savior!

Merry Christmas from our family.
The Timblins