A panoramic shot of people hearing the gospel in an auto repair shop!

A few years ago, a Korean woman who manages an auto repair garage heard that one of her mechanics was a believer and teaching God’s word in a chronological order. She wanted to hear the word and invited all of her workers to join in the studies every Saturday. She and many of her workers got saved and now she is witnessing to other Koreans in the capital city, Pt Moresby.

I’ve written before about the two women who heard the gospel of grace and got saved. Their hearts were on fire to share the gospel with others. They started a small group in their village and many got saved. One of the teachers is Betty and her husband, Robert, got saved. They are both school teachers and pledged part of their wages to help the small group build a new building. To the left, you can see where they used to meet. And above you can see what their prayers, dedication and offerings produced.

They also bought a water tank to provide clean water for the community. We love to hear stories like these. They aren’t quick decisions, but disciples of Christ.

In a remote area called Green River, there is a team of teachers teaching through the first course even as I write. They expected 100 men and women to attend, but were not disappointed when 185 showed up. Word had spread that there was life changing teaching being offered. We’re so thankful for all that God is doing to build His church in Papua New Guinea. Those people will receive the best Christmas gift ever.

Thank you Lord.

Jim & Kathy Tanner