Dear family and friends

Wow! It’s been three weeks since last update. I am getting a bit slack aren’t I? The first two of these weeks, our numbers were down as Dolis was sick and Ekesue’s younger sister or cousin drowned in the river so Robert and Ekesue have been up at her village. But Sevis has been consistent not missing any lessons.

Before I went up last week I spent a day and a half working on the car and finding other issues that need fixing. It was starting to get beyond me to be able to keep the car running! We looked at our options, buy another vehicle or hire one. Hiring one of the mission vehicles is definitely the less expensive way to go. That way too we will be able to have someone work on our car while it is not in use. In the lessons last week we did the story of Peter’s imprisonment and release by the angel. The question was, Did God rescue Peter because the church was praying or was He following His own purpose when He rescued Peter. Traditionally these people were told that if they said the right words the spirits would do what they asked. But God doesn’t automatically do what we ask Him to do. I gave them the illustration that God is our father and just as we don’t always give our children what they ask for God will sometimes say, “No” if what we ask for is not good. He will sometimes ask us to wait or even say, “Yes”.

This week the road was dry going up and coming back which was a blessing even though it was still very rough. We started on Paul’s 1st missionary journey. Wednesday night there was only Sevis, Ableso and her husband but last night we had a full house, everyone was there. There seems to a pattern, it is the second night that everyone comes so I need to work in with that. Whoever comes the first night can help teach the lesson the second night. It is just as well that we only do the one lesson twice. Robert and Ekesue came early and the others were late so I had time to catch them up on the lessons they missed. After the lesson there was a lot of talk about what they are going to do when we leave in 2020. They are getting worried, the time is approaching fast and as yet we don’t have anyone to carry on the work.

We are really looking forward to our break starting tomorrow and going through next week.

With love from

David and Wendy