A few years ago, Moses’ elder brother was killed in a tribal fight. Then his younger brother was killed a few years later in a tribal fight. His missionary asked us to protect him until the fighting stopped. He was a joy to have and a good student. He got through some courses and then had teachers training. He wrote this report.


These are the 23 believers from Simon Haguai’s church who attended the first course and got saved. Simon came to the teachers training at your place. All 7 of the men you trained on scholarships are doing their first teaching at Guala now. We need your prayers. We have 9 teachers teaching that course.

Moses Orabi (teacher and trainer of teachers)

This is a note from Jonnie and Josie who taught course one and saw 135 people accept Christ near their village of Maria.

At last we have the framework done for our new church building here at Hake CBC, Maria, Koroba, Hela, PNG. It is a new church that was planted as a result of teaching from Creation to Christ, a Bible study that teaches Gods Word from Genesis to the Gospel, and continues throughout the Epistles and to the Revelation. Thank God for reaching out to the lost souls. Glory to Him alone!

Thanks for praying!

Jim and Kathy Tanner