Dear family and friends

In the last two weeks we have been going through the story of Cornelius. Last week we looked at how he and all his family were devout and God-fearing; he gave generously to those in need and prayed to God regularly. But Cornelius did not know Jesus. I asked them if they went to church and heard the teaching or if they followed God and kept His commandments or if they prayed would they be God’s children. Dolis said a clear, “No.” to all those questions.

This week they held the opening of the school in the village on Thursday (picture). A lot of them went to town on the Wednesday to get what they needed for the celebrations and didn’t get back so there were only Sevis and his wife, Misisi, there for the lesson on Wednesday night. I wondered how many would be there the next night after all the celebrations but we had a good group. Robert came but he had missed the first lesson on Cornelius so I filled him in a bit on that part of the lesson. Peter’s message to Cornelius and his family showed clearly that the message of the gospel is all about Jesus and what He did on our behalf not on what we do. It was a good lesson and I got a good response from the group. Please pray for Robert’s wife, Ekesue, and Sevis’ wife Misisi. They are not clear on the way of salvation but are coming to the lessons, so God can challenge their hearts through His word.

After it rained all night on Wednesday and Thursday nights the road was a mess. Definitely had to put the vehicle in four wheel drive. In one place there were four trucks bogged in a row and we had to get around them. With the wet season coming now the road will get worse, if that is possible!!!

With love from
David and Wendy