Dar Friends,

Thanks so much for your prayers! I am happy to report that my visa for Papua New Guinea has arrived and my passport is back in my hands once again! What a relief!! The same day as my visa arrived, I was able to purchase tickets. I keep marvelling at the Lord’s provision. These tickets turned out to be less than half the normal price I would pay for a round trip. Not sure how or why since it seems like airline travel is going up and not down in price, but the Lord has been gracious and I’m really grateful that He takes care of even the smallest of details.

So…it looks like I’ll be heading back to PNG in January for 3 months. I’m really anxious to see my Mengen friends and my missionary co-workers once again. So strange that this time I’m coming as a visitor and not full-time, but that’s okay. I’m continuing to trust the Lord to go before me then same as I did the first time I moved to PNG in 1999.

At the moment, I am going through all the New Testament books and marking little things to be spell-checked once I return to PNG. I don’t have a lot of difficult work to do once I arrive back at Hoskins, but it will take some time just going through everything with my helpers and giving it a final polish. It’s exciting getting these books ready to be printed this year…finally. There are around 300 Mengen believers who are anxious to hold God’s Word in their own hands and many people have been involved in the translation process. What an amazing year for all of us!

In March, myself and my Mengen translation helpers will sit down with the mission translation consultants and go through the books of Matthew, John, Hebrews and Revelation. There are 2657 verses and it will take approximately 3 weeks to go through everything.

There are some things to be praying for in the weeks ahead:

Pray that the Lord would be preparing the Mengen translation helpers for this mammoth task. Pray that they would have a huge desire to help and they would be alert and enthusiastic. It will be a huge mental drain on all of us, so it’s a lot to expect of the Mengen helpers.

  • Praise the Lord for giving me good health and pray that I can remain well during my time in PNG. Stress tends to aggravate MS, so pray that the Lord would give me a calm heart and peace of mind as I make a final push to finish the Mengen New Testament.
  • Pray for Jason, Lisa and Dave, our mission translation consultants. All 3 are currently in different countries! Pray that the Lord would bring them back to PNG on schedule and provide for their needs. They are all sacrificing a lot to be involved in Bible Translation and we appreciate their work so much.
  • Pray for the Mengen believers to walk with the Lord in every aspect of their lives. Pray for their relationships as families and in the church, that they would be a good testimony to the unbelievers who come their way.

Thanks so very much for your faithful prayers and support. I appreciate each and every one of you.

Because of His Grace,

Becky Preheim