The San Carlos Apache Reservation is not the place a visitor might anticipate God would raise up a Godly leader for His glory. Butted up against the White Mountain Apache Reservation, east of Phoenix and south of Flagstaff, the San Carlos Apache Reservation instead might inspire a sense of despair. According to recent statistics, the median household income on the Reservation is $29,253 and the unemployment rate is at 37%. The leading cause of death for adolescents is suicide and those in the 20-64 age bracket die most often of acute alcoholism.

I mentioned San Carlos and a freshman student from there in my September newsletter. This same young man has continued to be a real encouragement to me. He asked for piano lessons, even though he is an accomplished pianist, in order to learn to read notes. What fun it has been to expand his horizons as he adds to his ability to play by ear by learning music theory! How I pray that Micah would become a strong man of God, a discipler of others, humbly involved in a lifetime of biblical ministry and spiritual leadership wherever God leads him.

Below is the mission statement of IBC:

Indian Bible College exists to disciple and educate Indigenous Native Christians for lifetimes of biblical ministry and spiritual leadership to their people and the world.”

Please pray with me that we would model well the kind of humble ministry we hope to see reproduced in the lives of the students. Pray also for two students who have recently left IBC, that they would turn to Christ with all their hearts and be able to return to IBC, if He so leads, in a few years. Thank you so much for partnering with me on behalf of these amazing men and women.


Martha Gushee