{Note: Dave Lee has been teaching the gospel from creation to Christ in a remote area of Papua New Guinea. He lives in a different area, so he goes to this new area every week for a couple of days.}

October 13, 2018
Dear friends and family
The first week of October I went up a day early because of our conference starting on Thursday. So the first lesson was Wednesday morning instead of Thursday morning. Also the mornings are not the best time to have the lessons as the people like to work in their gardens early mornings and those who want to go to town need to be on the road early to catch a PMV to town. The result of all that was that nobody turned up for the lesson.  Sevis was the only one there so I talked it over with him. We needed to set a definite time for the lessons rather than having it sometimes in the morning and sometimes at night. We talked to the others too and set Wednesday and Thursday nights for the lessons then made the announcement that night. But all was not lost. Sevis worked with me that morning checking out the next lesson. That week’s lesson was on the seven men chosen to deal out the daily contribution to the widows. The lesson in that story is that even in the humble task of dealing out money we need to do it in the Holy Spirit’s gehelimo (strength).

Our conference started Thursday afternoon so I needed to get back in time for that. It was a good time getting to know what is happening around the Country. It was exciting to hear what God is doing in so many tribal areas. 18 teams gave reports of what God was doing in their tribal area.

This week I went out Wednesday afternoon and had the first lesson that night. Only Sevis, his wife and Ableso came. They haven’t got used to the change in lesson times yet. The lesson was on Stephen’s martyrdom. It was good for them to see how the Holy Spirit gave Stephen the strength to stand up under opposition. Last night a good group of people came so I just did the lesson again. I didn’t see Robert or Ekesue this week. Please continue praying for them. Sevis came back with me to Sobega to see Wendy as he hadn’t seen her for some time. We sat and had a good talk then he left to go to town.

October 26, 2018

The last two weeks have been more encouraging with all of them coming on the Thursday nights. Still not getting all of them on Wednesday nights.

The picture shows the group in our house last Thursday night. We have been looking at the story of Saul of Tarsus. Satan tried to use Saul to destroy the church but God used him to get the believers to do what He wanted them to do, take the gospel outside Jerusalem. Last week a man died in the village across the river so this Wednesday night the whole family were over there but Sevis, his wife and Ableso came for the lesson. Last night’s lesson was encouraging. They all came again and we looked at Saul’s conversion. I had Sevis read the passage in Acts (he is the only one in the group who can read). Then we looked at the fact that Saul was God’s chosen instrument to take the gospel to the nations. But God has His purpose for each one of us and He is changing us to fit us for what He has for us. The Holy Spirit indwells us and is changing us but it doesn’t happen overnight. I asked them about when they plant their meyamo (sweet potato) how long it is before they can harvest it. Some said 3 months and some said 4 months. So in the same way changes in our lives come slowly. “What about your coffee trees? If you plant them and it doesn’t rain will they still grow?” They said, “No, they will just dry up.” In the same way we need to keep a close relationship with God and read His word. By their answers to questions and their comments through the lesson it was clear that they were understanding so we pray for them that this will become a part of their lives.

With love from

David and Wendy