Dear Friends,

Thanks so much for your prayers. Hard to believe that my busy summer is over and now we’re into October. Crazy how time flies. In the past few weeks, we have had 5+ snowfalls bringing us chilly temperature and definitely wintery conditions. Thankfully the snow has melted off each time and amazingly, a number of my flowers are still blooming! It warms my heart each morning when I see my yellow pansies still bright and beautiful underneath the snow.

Canadian Thanksgiving is just a few days away and there is so much I can be thankful for this year…stable health, warm house, amazing friends, wonderful family and a safe country where I am able to worship the Lord freely. As we see the news, so many people all around the world are suffering which makes our blessings even more pronounced.

In just the past few days, I have heard of one co-worker in PNG who fell and broke his femur, necessitating a medevac to Australia. Two other missionaries were also medevac’ed due to serious illness. Here in Canada, one of our cousins became very ill and had to have a serious surgery. Please pray for continued healing in each of these situations and for the mission medical staff and flight crew in PNG who have been exceptionally busy these last few days. I know from personal experience how exhausting and stressful even one medical situation is, so there are many families who have had a rough week.

Another serious situation you will have seen in the news is the earthquakes and tsunami that hit Indonesia last week. New Tribes Mission has missionaries and support staff located in the area that was hit. Praise the Lord that the missionaries are all safe, but there was tremendous property damage and I haven’t heard how the local churches faired. There will no doubt be tremendous loss of life and property amongst the Indonesian believers also. News from that area has been limited because of the destruction, but thankfully some of the missionaries were evacuated out yesterday and Lord willing they will all be relocated in the days ahead. However, there is tremendous chaos and loss in the local communities, beyond what I can even fathom. Please pray for peace and help for those who are suffering.

As I look forward to the months ahead, I’m eagerly anticipating another trip back to Papua New Guinea. I’m still waiting to receive my visa, so that’s a big prayer request. Apparently, a lot of missionaries are waiting for paperwork, so the offices are busy these days. Please pray that mine would come through in timely fashion and that I will be able to return as scheduled in January.

This trip back to PNG will be exciting as we hope to finish checking the Mengen New Testament. It has been a very LONG journey to say the least, and we have seen delays and roadblocks. One thing I am certain and that is that the Lord remains faithful in spite of our every changing circumstances. What a blessed truth for which I am deeply thankful!

I am also so thankful for each one of you who have prayed for me and supported me for nearly 20 years. Without your invaluable support and encouragement, I surely would have given up. I would appreciate your continued prayers as I push towards the finish line, that I would be faithful to the end and that Christ would be glorified in my life and ministry.

With thanks to the King,