{Note: Dave Lee has been teaching the gospel from creation to Christ in a remote area of Papua New Guinea. He lives in a different area, so he goes to this new area every week for a couple of days.}

Dear friends and family’

Last week we had a short holiday so I didn’t go out. This week I went out Wednesday afternoon but only saw Robert briefly. The next morning’s lesson was a bit of a disappointment. Only Sevis, Dolis and Papaso were there. Robert works in the mornings so I told him he could come at night. It seems like there are so many things that pull people away from the teaching that it is hard to pin the teaching sessions down to a particular time. If we have it at night as well as the mornings we often don’t get them all together at one time. We need to pray that they will see the importance of meeting together.

Sevis came again last night with his wife, Misisi, and Dolis (Dolis missed half of the lesson in the morning). Misisi and Robert’s wife, Ekesue, haven’t been consistent enough in coming to the teaching to get a good grasp of the gospel. So, I am praying for an opportunity to really clear their understanding of what it is all about. Last night I got Sevis to tell the story of Ananias and Sapphira. It was encouraging to listen to them talking after the lesson about what they have learned, going back to Noah, Abraham and Lot, and Jesus and His return.

This morning Ableso and Robert weren’t there again (they didn’t come at all this week). I got Sevis to do a review then I went through the main points in the lesson asking questions to see how much they understood. Please pray for them, I would love to see more maturity and a greater desire to hear God’s word. But maybe I am too impatient.

With love from

David and Wendy