Dear Team Members,

Hearing news of Hurricane Florence on the East Coast of the States, Typhoon in the Philippines, fires our west, terrible drought in the State of New South Wales in Australia, cause our hearts to reach out in PRAYER for those affected and trusting the Lord to Encourage all affected by these tragedies.

On Monday the 17th, after the Cancer Retreat weekend, I received a phone call from Mary Cain, one of our retirees who heads up the correcting of the Bible Study papers for the GOOD NEWS JAIL and PRISON MINISTRY. For SUCH A LONG TIME, there has been little to no interest in prisoners to do the Bible Courses offered. Thus, there have been very few to be corrected. In fact there have been none the last two months! Mary phoned to say a large amount have come in and wondered if I was able to help, which of course I replied YES!!!!!! PLEASE PRAY that this interest will continue!!!!! Please also PRAY for those of us correcting the papers and to be a blessing to the prisoners in the remarks the Lord gives us to share with them.

We are aware that some folk are not encouraged with the VA – The Veterans Administration – BUT they have always been a help to Charlie over the years. Just this month they have been a blessing to us, as Charlie needs hearing aids. Looking at a cost of between $1,500 and $8,000 for a pair of hearing aids, Charlie went down to the new VA Hospital down near Orlando and straight to the hearing clinic. Without an appointment, and within 15 minutes he was seen, and within an hour they reviewed the report Charlie brought with him from our local hearing doctor here in Sanford. They did a few tests which affirmed what was shown on the test results he brought them. Then they talked about different kinds of hearing aids. Another appointment was then given to Charlie to receive free hearing aids on September 28th. The VA was also the one that covered Charlie’s total shoulder replacement years ago. So, we are thankful for the VA!!!!

Thank you for your PRAYERS!!! Our daughter Esther’s medical tests, that have been done, have come back with no major problems, which was encouraging. She does have a problem, though, with her heart racing and is trying to adjust to a medication to help with that. We know she would appreciate your PRAYERS for the right dosage, so she will feel good all the time. Their youngest started school this year. Majh loves it, but we are sure it is an adjustment, even for Esther, as both Majh and his sister Desi are in school now!!!!!

My total knee surgery is soon on our door step! On the 26th of September I have a pre-op class on knee replacements at Dr Phillip’s Hospital in Orlando, on October 2nd I have an appointment with my regular doctor for him to finalize clearance for the surgery and get copies of the blood tests ordered before the surgery, on October 4th I have pre-op at the Dr Nguyen’s office in Orlando on October 4th, and pre-op for admission there at Dr Phillip’s Hospital in Orlando on October 5th for surgery on October 18th. My head is starting to spin with all the appointments!!!!! Dr Nguyen (pronounced Win) is the same trauma surgeon who operated on Charlie’s foot when it got crushed years ago. I would appreciate your PRAYERS as I am a slow healer with immune problems, have a low pain threshhold, and for Charlie, who will have extra work around the house and as he cares for me.

On September 2nd, our dear friend Kim Dudley Smith graduated to Heaven at 49 years of age. She had had massive foot surgery two months earlier and was about to go back to work and a blood clot took her life. We had known Kim since she was a child and her parents Fred and Norma Dudley. Her parents were from our home church of Beth Eden Baptist Church in Fitchburg Massachusetts. Both Fred and Norma graduated from Fitchburg High School as we had. For years, both Kim and her husband Tim have had a special place in our hearts and lives, along with their married children and extended family. Please be PRAYING for Tim and the extended family. How thankful we are to have been able to go to the Memorial Service up in Jacksonville Florida. We rejoice that Kim is now in perfect health with her Savior, Who she loved and served so faithfully.

On September 14th, 15th, and 16th I was able to go away for the weekend to “Faces of Courage” – a cancer retreat. Even though I came back home really tired, it was a SPECIAL time and I am so thankful to have been able to go. Four of us went together which was SPECIAL!!!!! SO THANKFUL that my friend Paula Oliver let me know about the retreat and drove us there. There should have been 80 cancer ladies there, but with hurricane Florence up the coast, there were only 60 of us. They had volunteers galore – 70 for this event – and how THANKFUL we were for each of them. There were lots of fun events going on, and food, food, and more food!!!!!!!!!! I even got my fuzzy hair trimmed which was like a dose of medicine! There were excellent cancer speakers and the ability for us cancer folk to ask questions 🙂 It was not a Christian event, BUT we had opportunities to encourage folk in the Lord during the time there. About ten of us were able to have a PRAYER time in the tiny chapel, share our hearts, and PRAY for each other which was a HIGHLIGHT of the time. There were nine ladies in our cabin and what a JOY it was to get to know each one, and with love reach out in PRAYER to them!

On my arrival home from the Cancer Retreat, Charlie shared that on October 4th to the 7th, our son Ray and his wife Janelle are able to fly from Kansas for those days:). It was the ICING ON THE CAKE! Especially since it is just before my Birthday! We SURE LOOK FORWARD TO THE TIME!!!! Then a few days later we heard that Esther and her two little ones are coming at the same time so there will be FUN, FUN, FUN and MORE FUN!!!!! Charlie also showed me his hands – what a mess – contact dermatitis, the doctor believes was from the shredding we did for documents we were sorting through and getting rid of old stuff from up to 20 or more years. He is back on a strong medication – the one he was on a couple of months ago. His hands looked dreadful!!! They have improved some with the medicine. We both appreciate your continued PRAYERS for all that is going on with our health and upcoming surgery for me.


Lots of Love,

Cherrie & Charlie



Without Him I could do nothing

Without Him I’d surely fail

Without Him I would be drifting

Like a ship without a sail.

Chorus: Oh Jesus, oh Jesus Do you know Him today

Please don’t turn Him away

Oh Jesus, my Jesus

Without Him how lost I would be

Without Him how lost I would be.

Without Him I would be dying

Without Him I’d be enslaved

Without Him life would be worthless

But with Jesus thank God I’m saved.

Chorus: Oh Jesus, oh Jesus

Do you know Him today

Please don’t turn Him away

Oh Jesus, my Jesus

Without Him how lost I would be

Without Him how lost I would be.