Greetings all,

We want to thank you so much for your prayers the last couple of days as I have been traveling. Jeanne got me to the airport early on Friday morning at our local regional airport. So nice to only have to travel 35 minutes to get there instead of going down to Lincoln each time.

All my connections in Denver and Tokyo went well and arrived here in Asia Pacific 40 minutes ahead of time. I breezed through immigration, went to the ATM machine to get some cash, by that time my bag was waiting to be picked up at conveyor belt, and then headed to customs. My water filters that I bring always catch their eyes so I had to run the bag back through x-ray but they didn’t make me open it so I was out and on my way to the hotel. After calling Jeanne, & Geoff, and checking on the Husker football score :), I was off to bed with lights out at 2:00 a.m. Thankfully I slept like a log – in fact I overslept and almost missed the free breakfast here at the hotel! I will be leaving the capital city tomorrow and heading up to the province. Thanks so much for your continued prayers and your part on the team!


Ed n Jeanne

the Boeing 787 that took me to Tokyo