Greetings from Steve and Sandy Aholt,

We thank the Lord for you daily for your faithfulness in giving of your time in prayer and your financial resources. Your faithfulness continues to spur us on in our labor for Christ. We know that He is the vine and that we are the branches – we can do nothing without Him. Thank you for abiding in Him and laboring to bring forth much fruit for His glory!

Steve now has his Medicare Card. It will go into effect on October 19th when he turns 65. He needs to be 66 before he will be eligible for full retirement benefits! We hope to be able to complete the editing work of The Roots Of Faith – New Testament book by that time. Please continue to pray that God will continue to give us the health and strength that we need to do this work.

Sitting on a missionary panel, over thirty years ago, we heard some elder missionaries say, “If we knew that we were going to live so long, we would have taken better care of our bodies!” We both are so thankful that we accepted that admonition to better care of our bodies by buffeting them with exercise and proper diet. God is rewarding our efforts! The doctor told us recently that he could add both of our blood pressures together and it would be lower than some of his individual patients.

Thank you for praying for Sandy’s eyes, Steve’s right index-finger-knuckle pain, and for no new cancer spots for Steve. We are so thankful that God continues to answer “Yes” to your prayers. Sandy’s vision has remained stable. Steve’s hands have healed with minimal pain, and he remains cancer free. We praise the Lord with you for His answers to prayer.

We continue to do volunteer work assisting with the restoration of women who have been rescued from sex trafficking. Please pray for the women as they recover from drug and sexual abuse. Spiritual-blinded minds can understand God’s plan for their lives only as they place their faith in God and in Jesus.

God has us each here for a purpose. We are so thankful to be able to be close to Sandy’s dad to spend time with him in various ways.

Our weeks often seem so repetitious in our routines. Sandy suggested that we find some activity to do. One day we went to the Missouri State Fair. Steve had never been to this fair before. What a refreshing change that was for us both. We so miss events with our grandchildren who live in Columbus, Ohio.

Prayer Requests for our family members:

• Sandy’s dad is having his left eye cataract surgery next week – his right eye surgery went well.

• Coralee, our granddaughter, is playing the flute in the high school marching band. Her brother, Zane, brought home a trumpet last week. Thank you for your prayers for each of them.

• Our Aunt Louise is no longer suffering. God chose to take her home to Heaven. Please remember her husband, children and their extended families through their grieving process.

• The one with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Stage 3, has recovered from the knee surgery. Now, kidney stone removal from both kidneys and stents put in – the stents to be removed this week.

• The other one, with stage 3 cirrhosis of the liver, is still waiting to see a liver specialist. A blood clot has blocked the liver outlet. Two weeks have passed and they have removed three gallons of fluid. Please pray that the specialist will be able to get that liver outlet opened.

May we each be an example of God’s love so that others will see our good works and glorify the Father.

Listening for the trump and praying,

Steve and Sandy Aholt