Lots of water under the bridge…

We apologize for not writing sooner, but life has been passing at an astonishing pace and it is hard to believe that summer has already slipped away. That’s tough for the summer girl that Elise is as the days will be growing much shorter and colder here in Europe. We have so enjoyed connecting with many Slovak brothers and sisters throughout the beautiful country of Slovakia and have had lots of opportunities to minister to and with the family of Christ. Thank God with us for how He is working in Slovakia and giving people a desire to hear the truth of Christ, His teachings, and plant new churches! Ask that He would continue to direct our paths as we consider how best to facilitate these efforts and please remember these specific requests:

  1. Salvation for Daniel and Katarina
  2. Desire for Zuzka and Maria to have a deeper walk with Christ
  3. Spiritual growth for Kristina, Martina and Ina
  4. Unity and wisdom for our church planting team (Tomas & Oli, Matus & Pali, Miro)
  5. Guidance and discernment in leadership and teaching opportunities for Elise with Women’s Ministry at our church in Palisady.

Showing Dana the homeland!

We had such a wonderful time showing Dana our home in Bratislava, where we lived in Croatia, and the neighboring capitol of Vienna! The added bonus was that we got to watch two of Croatia’s World Cup games while they were here, and one while we were in Split, Croatia! We are grateful that they both finished their first year successfully teaching English at Austin High School, Bret’s 9th grade basketball team finished as District champs, and they are already tackling year two! The best news we received this summer was that we will be grandparents at the end of the February!

  1. Pray for the Lord to continue to give them strength, endurance, and the ability to be great role models for these high school students.
  2. Ask for healthy growth and development of Baby Atkins and that Dana would remain healthy throughout her pregnancy.

Soon to land in Sarajevo, Bosnia!

Ryan has been awarded the Fulbright Scholarship by the U.S. government and will be teaching English at the University of Sarajevo beginning in October! Summer will finish her work responsibilities at OneDigital Health and Benefits and follow Ryan at the end of October. We are so happy to have them closer to us and Ryan will be returning to where he grew up from eight to twelve years old.

  1. Pray for strength, endurance and peace as they make preparations for an overseas move.
  2. Ask that God would provide an apartment and friends that would enable them to feel at home.
  3. Remember Ryan as he prepares to teach and influence the lives of those he meets in Bosnia.