Dear Team Members,

We trust this finds each of you keeping well and encouraged in the Lord. How we thank the Lord for your part in our lives through your love, and prayers for us! God Bless you also !!!

With rain in the northern States, extreme heat, floods in so many places, and drought in Australia, we pray and trust the Lord to encourage all affected!!!!!!!!!!

We are keeping fairly well. Cherrie has more appointments coming up in readiness for her left knee replacement October 18th, and I have had several routine appointments lately. We keep active and are thankful for your prayers for strength to continue to be involved in lives around us.

The outreach, by several of our retirees at a detention center, continues to go well. Thank you for praying and please do continue to pray!

Back in 1986 we had around the world tickets for our furlough, which was cheaper. On our way back to Australia we were able to visit friends Albert and Joyce Bretherton in England. We had first met them on the ship we took to Australia in 1973. They were going to be exchange teachers, which they really enjoyed. We were also able to stop in Indonesia and visit friends of ours, Ron and Duanne Risse, as they served the Lord in Indonesia in the Semandang ethnic group. It has been a while since we sent out an update on the Semandang work there, so wanted to share the following we recently received from Ron and Duanne:


Over the past six months the outreach teams have intensified their efforts in Biblical evangelism, discipleship & church planting. The results are very encouraging.

1) A number of new Creation to Christ studies have begun both in existing works and a couple new areas.

2) Many professing faith in Christ have been taught about their new life in Christ and prepared for water baptism. Last week 26 new believers in one village were baptized; identifying themselves with Christ & His Church. Thank you, Lord!

3) In several villages small groups of believers have been studying God’s Plan for Christian Families! Most of them were married before trusting in Christ. Some have asked to be “remarried”. Last week six couples in one young Church were married “in Christ”! They understand Faith in Christ is a “new way of life” so they want to “make all things new”!

4) Some time ago this young church had built a small “dormitory” to house the outreach teams who serve them. About a month ago this building burned to the ground. They have decided, “by faith”, to rebuild the dormitory! Please pray God will bless and supply all they need to rebuild it quickly. That would be a great testimony to this young church and the many unbelievers “watching”!


Just recently a “new village” in a remote area asked for Bible teachers to come and teach them. A small team visited them and 100 turned out to study. Even in the midst of planting rice, 40 people showed up, including the head of Customary Law for the village. They are “exuberant” and are asking for a team to come and teach them “full time” until they understand and are established. PLEASE PRAY 2-3 EVANGELIST/CHURCH PLANTERS FROM THE SEMANDANG & KUALAN CHURCHES WILL RESPOND TO THIS CALL IMMEDIATELY!”

Again, we thank the Lord for you all!!!


Charlie & Cherrie

Cherrie’s Musings:

We recently heard this song sung by the Gaither Vocal Band. The words touched my heart, so I wanted to share it. If you have never heard it, you can google it and listen to it.

I’ll Worship Only At The Feet Of Jesus

Sung by the Gaither Vocal Band

I went to visit the shrine of plenty,

But found it storerooms all filled with dust.

I bowed at altars of gold and silver,

But as I knelt there they turned to rust.


So I’ll worship only at the feet of Jesus,

His cup alone my holy grail.

There’ll be no other gods before Him,

Just Jesus only will never fail.


The call of fortune made me a pilgrim,

To journey to fame’s promised heights,

But as I climbed the promise faded,

And wind blew lonely all through the night.


So I’ll worship only at the feet of Jesus,

His cup alone my holy grail.

There’ll be no other gods before Him,

Just Jesus only will never fail.


Just desert dust and empty shadow,

All promises that turned to lies,

The gods of earth fell and betrayed me,

You alone are truth and life.


So I’ll worship only at the feet of Jesus,

His cup alone, my holy grail,

There’ll be no other gods before Him,

Just Jesus only will never fail.