Greetings All!

This past week got a bit hectic with lots of things going on Asia Pacific Islands so I am a little late with this update on Neti. We want to thank all of you have been praying. It was feared she might have meningitis but the test came back negative for which we are all thankful. She continues to improve and as you see by the pictures she is now eating and smiling. Her parents, relatives, and friends all want to thank you for your prayers. They feel so privileged to be a part of the “Body of Christ” and knowing they have brothers and sisters all around the world who have been praying for them.

Jeanne and I also appreciate your prayers for my upcoming trip to Indonesia and the funds still needed to make this all happen (a little over half has come in so far – PTL!). I am already starting to lay things out on the floor in my office which will be packed into the suitcase – water filters for some of the Wana, a computer for our Wana co-worker, etc. etc. – will work on the clothes part later if there is any room left over – :). Lift off date is scheduled for Sept. 21.

Thanks so much for being a part of our team – it is very much appreciated!!!


Ed n Jeanne

Thanks so much for praying for Neti!