Dear Praying friends and family,

I began an update to send out BEFORE I went to Alaska to visit Renee, Bryan, Keenan, Thaddeus, Shand, Talia and Ezekiel, but was awaiting the birth of my SECOND great grandson – Camdyn-John, who arrived 10 days “passed the expected date” – and on the morning I flew out, July 16th – and there was no time to write the news!!! Since then, a THIRD great grandson has made his appearance – William (Liam) James, also 10 days “late” arrived in Michigan on the 29th July. Camdyn is Rachel’s first grandchild, and Liam is Rhesa’s 2nd grandchild.

With the baby news shared….. all else pales into insignificance!!! My time in Alaska was SO-o-o-o good – but not without a “hiccup” – I ended up in ER because of Atrial Fibrillation, but after defibrillation my heart is again beating regularly, and I am doing just fine. While with Renee, Bryan and the 5 lovely grandchildren, I was able to be part of their busy-ness – gymnastics, soccer, church activities (which included a “BIG shoe giveaway”… where people of the community came for free shoes and many other fun things for the families – like face painting, free hotdogs, balloons, bouncing castles, etc. Did a little sightseeing to Talkeetna and Makanuta Glazier and took many, many photos of both the scenery and my grandchildren.

I had 3 weeks in Alaska, then flew to Michigan to visit my granddaughter, Raylea, Connor and their sweet baby. I thank God for some sweet fellowship with many NTM friends/missionaries, and even an opportunity to sit in on a teaching session at the Bible School. The morning I was scheduled to fly back to LAX to connect with my International flight to Sydney and onto Perth, we realized that my Detroit to Chicago flight wasn’t going to work. I am thanking the Lord for some dear friends who were willing at a few minutes notice, to drive me 4 hours into Chicago, in time to catch my flight.

God is so faithful.

I arrived home Tuesday 14th, and was met at the airport by Rachel, Heidi and Camdyn, Rhesa, Robbie and Seth, and later in the afternoon, Raewyn and Gregan, then Roxanne, Benjamin, Hannah and Zachariah all came to visit. What a blessing family is. The next 3 days have been extra busy, with taking a friend for her monthly eye injections and shopping, an appointment with my GP for prescriptions, ladies here for a card making class and into the Perth Arena where Hannah was one of 4,000 children from 75 schools joined together to bring us a delightful evening of music – called “One BIG Voice”.

So as not to make this into an epistle I will sign off with thanksgiving to God for travelling mercies, great flights and service, a wonderful family and God’s protection and undertaking. Not TOO thrilled with the cold since coming home, but the rain has surely made everything green!!!

Love, Bev