Dear friends and family

I have changed the days for the teaching to Thursdays and Fridays so as not to clash with some of their activities. There is always so much going on in a village that I never know what I will find when I go up there. Last week there was a wedding in a village a short distance away and everyone went to that. So, no lesson that morning. I went in the afternoon in time for the wedding. In the picture the bride is in the centre between two other girls. That night Robert and Ekesue and a couple of others came for a lesson. The next morning we had another lesson so that worked out all right. The lesson was on Jesus’ promise of the coming of the Holy Spirit.

This week we had the lesson on the crucifixion. This was the second time I taught the crucifixion which was good because it gave me the opportunity to make sure they were all clear on the reason for the crucifixion. This morning I asked the Lord to show me those who were clear and genuine regarding salvation. When we had the lesson I went over the crucifixion again and asked them why Jesus had to die. Dolis came straight out with, “It was for us. He paid the price of our sin.” As I taught the lesson on the resurrection I asked lots of questions to make sure they all clearly understood. The feedback I got showed me clearly that not only were they genuine but that there was some spiritual growth in the weeks that we went back over the story from the beginning. The only one that I am not a hundred percent sure on is Ekesue. She missed a lot of the lessons in the first phase and didn’t say much this morning. Next week we will start into the book of Acts.

With love from

David and Wendy