Dear Team Members,

WOW this year is flying by!!!!! We trust it is an encouraging one for each of you!

The last couple of weeks, Charlie had not felt well with a rash over his body and blisters on his hands, and a fever of 101.5 on July 23rd, so I took him to Urgent Care, and then on the 25th, he saw his dermatologist who put him on a strong medicine, which is helping. The fever is gone!

Thank you for praying for our daughter Esther, who had fainted, and fell hitting her head a while back. All the tests she has had have not shown any problem, for which we are thankful.

Then on July 24th, Charlie had an appointment to have his hearing checked at a Hospital Clinic. I said I wanted to go with him, as he had only been on the strong drug overnight. We were there for a couple of hours and something interesting happened while there. Someone brought a lady in for a physical therapy appointment and she was in a wheel chair. She looked like she was recovering from a stroke. It appeared she could not even talk, and her body looked crippled. She was left alone which I have a hard time with!!!!

I remember the first time I went down to Orlando when I started my cancer journey. I walked through the sliding doors into a hall with people walking with canes, some in wheel chairs, and some having lost all their hair. Then I saw a lady sitting on a bench with a blanket around here shoulders and she was all alone 🙁 I think that was the worst I felt in my whole cancer journey seeing her alone 🙁

Well, this lady in the wheel chair, on the 24th, all of a sudden spoke up, with a difficult voice, BUT with a smile on her face, and asked the receptionist for a glass of water. It was not easy for her to handle the cup of water, BUT she did okay! She DID NOT COMPLAIN AT ALL AND SOUNDED HAPPY AND CONTENT! It reminded me of how blessed I am, even though I have gone through a lot the last four years, because I am doing so well and have soooo much to be thankful for! On the July 19th, I had my six-monthly oncology check up and my blood work was again good, and then my tumor markers were between 14-15 which is GREAT!!!!!!!

Thank you all for your love, prayers, and care of me, and also for Charlie over these years. I can say I am WINNING, BUT even if I had a bad report I would be WINNING, because in the end I would WIN and go to be with Jesus, WHO I put my faith in as my SAVIOR MANY YEARS AGO!! Six of our friends have GRADUATED to HEAVEN this year, so we look forward one day to seeing them and others gone before us to be with JESUS, THEIR SAVIOR. It is hard for these families, but a JOY FOR THOSE GONE TO BE WITH JESUS, THEIR SAVIOR!! AWESOME OUTCOME!!!

Thank you for your prayers for the retirees here who have a ministry in a Juvenile Detention Home. The Lord is blessing them with more children wanting to come to the weekly sessions. Please continue to pray for these retirees, and for the children to continue to respond to the message being shared with them and for the guards who are also hearing everything being said!!!

Thank you for your prayers for Cherrie’s upcoming knee replacement on October 18th. We did not realize there was so much involved beforehand in preparation for this operation, which includes clearance from her doctors.

How we thank the Lord for your part in our lives!!! We both appreciate your LOVE, PRAYERS, and CARE for us. GOD BLESS YOU ALSO!!!


Charlie & Cherrie