Hey everyone,

I’m writing to share an important request this time.

We are once again in need of an Office Manager at UIMA. For the past few years a team member has been our office manager while her husband filled a pilot position. This past fall there was a change in their lives which has put his flying on hold for some time. Bryon, our administrator, was asked to find someone for the Office Manager position while they work through this change.

Without an office manager, our guys have to cover the business side of work as well… things like answering phone calls, doing all the flight billing, paying regular bills … all that office type of work that takes time at a computer. This pulls them away from what they are supposed to be doing. We really need an office manager to keep things flowing smoothly and allow our guys to focus on their own areas of work.

As mentioned in my last update, Bethany, our oldest daughter, is moving back to Tucson in August. Guess what? She is looking for a job.

Bryon has asked Bethany to fill the Office Manager position. Bethany has awesome organizational and people skills. This May, she graduated from Liberty University with a degree in Business Finance along with Education/Special Education. She is very talented in many areas and would fill the Office Manager position with ease and do a great job.

We currently do not have the funding to cover that as a paid position. There are some funds coming in but they are not enough to even pay minimum wage, so this is a letter asking if you would join in helping support the Office Manager position? We are looking for people who will give $50/month or $100/month for the next year. Would you be part of that team and commit to a year of support? Here is an online donation link if you want to donate to this right now: https://donorbox.org/office-manager-position.

You may be wondering; what happens after a year? I don’t know. God supplies as the needs are there. We would love to have a full time, long-term office manager but at this point we do not. Please be praying as Bethany and Filipe (her fiancé) seek for where God would have them to serve in the future and that the Office Manager position will be covered.

In the meantime, if you choose to be part of supporting this position, here is how you can do it. Send your donations to UIM International, PO Box 6429, Glendale, AZ 85312. Make sure you specify that the it is for the UIM Aviation Office Manager Project.

Thanks for your time reading our news. We are so grateful to have you to share with and know you are praying.


Paul and Laurel