I was trying to not pay attention to the out-of-tune guitar being played a few feet away as I sat on my cot in the sanctuary of our host church in Pancho Villa, Chihuahua, Mexico. At the same time, I was thinking, “How might I be able to serve this young musician and this church?”

Finally I yielded to the little voice within that said to make the effort to speak Spanish and see if I could serve through using my  musical background. “Puedo afinar su guitarra?, I inquired. “Por supuesto!” she readily replied. I sat beside her on the pew and wordlessly demonstrated how to tune a guitar using harmonics. She watched, fascinated. But the strings sounded dull and the guitar was strung improperly, making it hard to tune. Finally I gave up, went to my guitar case, and pulled out a new set of strings.

Together we unwound the old strings on the guitar and removed them. Then we put new strings on, winding them correctly on the tuning keys. Once more I demonstrated tuning using harmonics, and then I handed her back the guitar so she could resume playing.

Most of the time during out trip to Mexico I felt like we were ministered to rather than ministering. The people at our host church were gracious and welcoming, inviting us to serve alongside them as we visited indigenous migrant worker homes each evening, diagnosing their precise languages, duplicating the message for their specific dialect, and handing them a tiny SD card. We came with resources that the church could use: duplication software, blank SD cards, a recorder with samples of all the available languages downloaded, maps of Mexico, and a listing of languages found on the recorder. By the end of the week the team members from the church were doing the entire process from beginning to end. We also were able to leave them with a large monitor for watching films and a copy of the children’s version Jesus movie in Spanish.

I am privileged to serve in a local church with a vision to reach indigenous peoples and resources to carry it out. To serve alongside a Mexican church with the same vision in need of resources to realize that vision was a dream come true! This opportunity was within a long day’s drive and it was our honor to leave our resources with them to carry on the ministry they had started.

Once again, enjoy the photos below. And please continue to pray with me for:

  • Class preparation and life coaching development (I haven’t made much progress here yet!).
  • Staff retreat August 8-12.
  • Fall semester beginning August 27 with 8 new students already accepted and more in the application process. Most enrolled students are planning to return.



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