July 28, 2018

We don’t get the chance very often to interview the graduates of our first course, creation to Christ. But today was a great day of hearing what God had done for 25 people ages from 8 years old to about 65. They came one at a time to tell us what they had learned and how the truth brought them to faith in Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. To be honest, people in the community thought one man was beyond hope, but he was thrilled to know Christ after 50 years without him. He couldn’t stop the tears of joy as he told his story. We shed a few tears ourselves. Rejoice with us in what God is doing.

All this happened just 4 days before our departure for furlough. What a treat! If any of you are interested in partnering with us in our ministry, you can go to this website to see how you can safely send funds. https://ethnos360.org/missionaries/jim-and-kathy-tanner

July 8–Get excited!

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the frequency of these updates recently, but I thought most of you would like to read this. It was sent by email after our teachers taught a group of about 130 people.

Glory to God! What can I say? The course has helped me to realize that I’m a sinner because I inherited the sin from Adam. I cannot help myself. I need Jesus. The course gave me a fresh outlook of my faith in God and looking forward to continue with God until I reach Heaven.

During the course, the Holy Spirit was working in my heart even now. I am really thankful to God, yourself and all the teachers of the program. You all are a blessing to me and my family. May God richly bless you all.

“Anyway, after the course, Yekow Mania came and ask me of my view about the course and the need to teach the course in Green River before the end of this year. I told him that looking at the spiritual condition of the church and the communities the course is vital to address current spiritual condition.”

Need I say more? It makes it worth it all.

Thanking God for His work in PNG

Jim & Kathy Tanner

July 4–Nice problem to have!
We received word that there was a problem. Oh no! Not again! Little did we know it was a good problem to have. Five teachers had flown to West Sepik Province to teach a group of 100 pastors through our Creation to Christ course. We had sent 100 sets of our books for them, but the problem was 130 showed up so they needed additional copies. Now that turned out to be a good problem. Pray for good fruit from the teaching. The teachers are volunteers. They leave their own work and families to go help strengthen churches and individuals. If any of you would like to contribute towards their travel expenses, please contact us. After this class, they will stay 5 additional days to train teachers. Thanking God for willing teachers.

Jim & Kathy Tanner, Papua New Guinea

July 3–Faithful friend

This is Diau Wiom. Not long after I arrived in his village in 1972, Diau was given a long service vacation from his work as an aid post orderly. He was older than me, but he had a good understanding of Pidgin English which made him an excellent language helper. He was one of the first believers in the Elimbari tribe and it was beautiful to watch him grow in Christ. He ended up a great teacher and taught for many years until his eyes became dim.

I’ll never forget one time when he asked me to pray for his pig. I thought, “I’m not sure about praying for pigs.” Little did I know that he had told his father not to try his witchcraft to heal the pig. He told his father, “Now, I belong to Christ and everything I have is in His hands.” It was more than a pig. It was a challenge to his faith. The next morning we went to see the pig. It hadn’t eaten for 4 days, but when we arrived, it was running all around eating everything in sight.

Now, Diau is old and frail. The man next to him is not a young man anymore either. I want to be faithful like my friend. (He is the one who visited America in spite of the people telling him, “White people live under the water. If you go, you will die and we’ll never see you again.”

We are going to pack up and clean our house this month and head for our furlough. Lord willing, we want to return for another term. Until our eyes are too dim. Rejoice with us for lasting fruit in Papua New Guinea.

Yesterday, we were told the class of 100 being taught this week has expanded to 130 and they requested us to ship 30 more sets of books.

Jim and Kathy Tanner

Papua New Guinea