Dear friends and family,

Last Wednesday the 18th we went through the Passover then the giving of the law. I was teaching that Jesus kept the law perfectly and was without sin and when we trust in Jesus’ payment of the price of our sin God gives us Jesus’ righteousness. The old man, Papaso, brightened up and kept saying, “That’s true.” Then turned around and said to the others, “This is true. What he is saying is true.”

In his young days he was taught by an Australian missionary so my teaching must have taken him back to what he was taught then. Unfortunately, even though many of the early missionaries taught the truth the people misunderstood and mixed it with their traditional animism. So, many of the churches here are not real evangelical churches. They don’t understand God’s grace and they try to get the people to behave like Christians thinking that this is what makes them Christians.

Next morning we went through the tabernacle and the different items comparing them to Christ.

This week we got as far as the birth and ministry of Jesus. We looked at the question of why Jesus was baptized. John’s baptism was a baptism of repentance but Jesus had no sin to be repented of. It was a stamp of approval of John’s ministry as well as an example for us to follow. We also looked at the question, Did Jesus do His work in His own strength? They all said, “Yes.” Thinking that if Jesus was God He would have been able to do it in His own strength. I explained that He chose not to do it in His own strength but to work through the power of the Holy Spirit.

With love from

David and Wendy