Dear friends and family

We have been having power problems so we didn’t get a report out last week. In the two weeks before I only got one lesson in each week. Wednesday morning the 4th the family got a call to go up to Liolofa to receive a bride price payment so they all went up. So, no teaching that morning.

I thought, “I may as well go up too since there will be no-one in the village.” I took some of them in the car and went up to the Wednesday Markets at Liolofa. I was approached by the papa of the ground where the market is and he asked me if there were any missionaries coming here. He said that he wanted someone to come and live on his ground and learn the language. I told him that I didn’t know of any coming. So there you have it, we have an invitation to Liolofa :). We waited around at the market and were told that they would make the payment in the afternoon. We climbed up to a village where we waited for them to be ready for us. By late afternoon it was looking like it wasn’t going to happen so I came back home. Well, it didn’t happen!! The family weren’t very happy. Anyway, next morning we had the 2nd lesson in phase two, Abel to Noah. Phase two takes you through the creation to Christ lesson again in an abbreviated form for believers emphasizing how the Old Testament speaks about Christ.

Last Wednesday morning I taught the lesson on Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I didn’t think we would get two lessons in this time because of the State of Origin being on Wednesday night but they turned up for the lesson next morning. I taught the story of Joseph and Moses.

A large group of people came from Liolofa for the State of Origin so that morning before the lesson a group of young people came and looked at the chart and pictures (see photo above). They were intrigued by the fact that the whole story was laid out before them and spent a long time looking and talking about it. I went through the chart and explained it to them. Liolofa has close connections with Koropa.

With love from

David and Wendy