The Ethnos360 Connection Center Pre-field Orientation (PFO) was held over 10 days and went very well. It was a blessing to meet face to face with these new associate members who I had worked with in the application process over the last year. Also, it was great to connect with friends who serve on staff at the Ethnos360 office in Sanford, Florida.


Diann and I arrived a few days early to help prepare for the upcoming orientation plus get used to the change in time zones. 😊
The orientation days were long, but necessary in order to cover all of the required material. In the photo below, I’m teaching the session on the Biblical Basis for Support Ministry. Over the course of the PFO, there were many home staff missionaries who did a great job in presenting their material.

We do want to thank all of you who prayed for this PFO. As I mentioned above it went very well. Many of the associates will soon be serving in their place of ministry and they definitely would appreciate prayer for their time of transitioning.

Here is a link for the most recent Ethnos360 Magazine. The main article describes how the disciples become the disciplers. Encouraging! You can read or share it online.

We wish you all the best in the Lord,

Dave and Diann Yunker