Sorry to be a few days late. It has been an interesting summer thus far. Praise God I was able to finish my class with Columbia International University. It was an exhausting, rewarding, fascinating class and I am grateful to have learned a significant amount of new information. May God us it in my life to make me more effective in working with Native American people in general and Navajo people in particular.

Christ Community Church Work Team
Dartmouth Bible Church Work Team

Two of my Massachusetts’ supporting churches sent work groups to assist with various work projects. Unfortunately, necessary permits were not yet available for the Dartmouth Bible team to work on renovating the new student center. Instead the team joyfully continued where another team left off in making major repairs to another school property. They also painted several buildings. The Christ Community (Taunton) group painted an entire building as well and picked up trash on one of our adopted streets in 85+ degree weather. See below for more photos.

Prayer requests:

  • Please pray for effective ministry, safety, and team unity as I participate in a one-week ministry trip to Mexico July 21-28. This is being sponsored by my church and will focus on handing out SD cards, with a summary of the Bible’s contents and a presentation of the Gospel, to indigenous migrant workers in Chihuahua.
  • Pray also for class preparation and Life Coaching development.