Dear friends and family

The start of phase 2 at Koropa got off to a slow start. Tuesday afternoon the village was deserted and no one came that night. I was a bit discouraged and wondered if anyone was going to come this week.

But next morning a good group came (picture above). I started by going through the last lesson on the death and resurrection of Jesus making it very clear that Jesus paid for all of our sin so there is nothing for us to do but believe. I read Genesis 15:6 “Abram believed the LORD, and he credited it to him as righteousness.” Then Sevis explained that Abram didn’t go to church, listen to preaching or do any good thing. He just believed what God told him.

I went through all this again until they were all clear that all they have to do was to put their trust in what Jesus did for them on the cross. Quite a few said that they believed but I realized that some of them would say that because it was what they thought I would want to hear. I am reasonably confident that four of them are clear and are believers. Sevis (standing far right). Dolis (standing third from right). Robert (sitting next to Dolis). Ableso (sitting in front of man standing at back and behind the boy holding a long stick). There are possibly more but time will tell how many are genuine. I would like to get with some of them one on one to get an idea where they are at.

After that I taught the 1st lesson in the 2nd phase of teaching which goes back through creation and compares the results of Adam’s sin with what Jesus did to restore us to fellowship with God.

With love from

David and Wendy