We were in a remote area named Aziana. We were invited for two reasons; firstly to speak to a group of church leaders and their wives. What an earnest and eager group! What a great time in the Word.

Secondly, we were to attend a recognition ceremony. About 3 years ago, 16 Aziana folks came out for a teachers’ training course and when they returned home, they started 8 outreach groups. They not only saw over 230 men, women and children saved, but they continued to teach them up to the middle of the epistles.

As each of the 8 groups came forward to receive certificate of recognition, they broke out in joyful praise which soon turned to joyful tears. I was thrilled to see people weeping over their teachers and the teachers weeping over God’s faithfulness through such weak vessels. They are part of fulfilling the great commission and I got to see it with my own eyes. What a glorious day.