Dear Friends,

Greetings from PERTH.. my, it has been cold! It seemed there wasn’t much in the way of autumn.. and all of a sudden WINTER is here. However, I am still endeavouring to walk most weekday mornings.

I began this email 3 weeks ago – to announce the arrival of my first GREAT grandchild. A boy… Seth Hunter. However, I hadn’t sent the announcement – as I needed a visit from a daughter to get the photo attached. I KNOW I have done it before – but do you think I could remember!!! Well, here it is. Seth arrived 6.00pm the 4th June… and was 8 ½ lb, and 54 cm long!! A heart murmur was detected, but a recent visit to a cardiologist it was decided that Seth will be fine, it is what is called an “innocent murmur”.

June has been a busy month – the first two weeks, I had Bobby’s mother here, while waiting for her granny flat to be completed. She has moved in making her new house into a home. There has also been a number of birthdays to celebrate, a wedding, a 50th wedding anniversary, and our World Outreach Week (missions week) at church, for which I helped with the catering for the dinner and the special morning tea.

One day, after being to the shops, I left the car in the driveway, expecting to go out in the afternoon. In the end I didn’t go out, and when I went to put the car away in the garage at dinner time, found someone had gotten into the car, rifled through EVERYTHING and stolen my hairdressing tools….. In broad daylight – and right in my front yard!!! The “cheek” of some people, eh?

3 weeks from now I head over to Alaska to spend some time with Renee, Bryan and the 5 children. I will be there for 3 weeks, then fly onto Michigan to visit with granddaughter, Raylea and husband Connor, and be introduced to another great grandson!!!!

Trust this finds you well and enjoying each new day.
With love,
Bev Croot