Greetings all,

Jeanne and I want to again thank you for your prayers this past month as we have gone through the loss of both my parents. So many of you have sent emails letting us know that you are praying for us and we appreciate this so much. We have so many emails in our “in box” that we probably won’t be able to answer each one of them personally but please be assured that each one was very much appreciated. The Lord has surrounded us with His body and we have felt so loved and supported during this time.

I wanted to share some great exciting news from Asia Pacific! Our Wana Missionary Team is involved in a number of ministries right now. One of them is an out-reach to a village only about an hour drive from the provincial Capital with the “Da’a Language Group”. This is a so-called “Christian Village” but the people there are very unclear on the gospel. For the past year or so a number of young people from late teens to early twenties have been asking to be taught the gospel. 7 of them started to come down from there village to the provincial capital on a regular basis to be taught by our team. These seven have now accepted Christ as their Savior and are eager to share with their friends what they are learning! We have been talking about this together as a team for the past week or so on our skype conference calls and so excited about what possibilities lie ahead for these people.

Besides what our team is doing we also have another Wana couple along with two single gals working in another Da’a village. They are learning the local dialect as many in this group do not speak the national language well. We are trusting that through all of this the Lord will put together an even larger team who will be able to evangelize this language group. Below a couple of pictures of the teaching taking place. We and they will appreciate your prayers for them. Thanks so much for being a part of what the Lord is doing in Asia Pacific – we appreciate it so much!


Ed & Jeanne

Our co-worker Riben teaching from the Chronological chart
The group present on Sunday evening.