Dear friends and family

Tuesday night it rained so we had the lesson in the house. It was Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem on the donkey, the last supper and His betrayal and arrest. It was a small group but Robert and Ekesue were there. I didn’t see them at all last week so it was good to see them back. I went through it again next morning then taught on the crucifixion. I asked them why Jesus died on the cross. Some gave answers that weren’t really the answers I wanted then Ableso’s husband, who hadn’t been to many of the lessons, said, “It was our sin.” That night and again this morning I taught through resurrection and ascension.

After the lesson this morning I interviewed each one. Robert wasn’t there so I missed interviewing him. The first one was Ableso. When asked about her relationship with God and if she was in God’s family she said, “Yes.” I realize that this was the answer that she thought that I would want to hear rather than what she really believed so the next question asks her to explain how she came into God’s family. She said that it was through praying and hearing the teaching of God’s word. She was clear on who Jesus was and what He did for us but didn’t connect it with how she became a child of God.

Next was Dolis. She was fairly clear on most points and connected what Jesus did for us with how she became a child of God. I still would like to get with her again to make sure that she understands that it is by faith in what Christ’s death for us alone. Samue was clear on who Jesus was and what He did for us but not clear on how we become a child of God.

Sevis was very clear on most points and was willing to admit that he was a sinner (as all of them did) but when asked if he would go to Heaven if he died he said, “I don’t know. I will continue hearing God’s word and God will decide.” I talked to him afterwards about that and he said that he didn’t want to try to fool God by giving the “right” answer if it wasn’t really true. He wasn’t sure and wanted to be honest. I said that it was good that he was being honest. Later I had a good talk with him and read the verse in Genesis 15: 6 “Abram believed the LORD, and he credited it to him as righteousness.” I said, “Abram didn’t pray or go to church and hear God’s word or do anything else but simply believed what God told him even though it didn’t seem possible. I asked him if he believed that Jesus died to pay for his sin in order to forgive his sin and make him righteous. He said, “I do believe that. “I said, “If you really believe that then you will go to Heaven. All we need to do is believe it.” Time will tell of course but I do believe that he is genuine.

We will be on break for the next week then I would like to get with Robert and the others one on one to clear some of their fuzzy thinking.

With love from

David and Wendy