Dear Friends,

Thanks so much for your prayers for me the past month. I am happily settled into my new home in Wetaskiwin, although I’m still doing battle with the weeds and bushes in my back yard!! It’s nice to finally unpack the boxes and bags that have been in storage for years! So many gracious friends and supporters have provided household goods and things to turn my house into a home. I have been blessed abundantly.

Along with the joys of housekeeping, I’ve unfortunately been experiencing more MS flare ups. Last week I had another MRI and am waiting to hear the results from that. I’m really praying that the medication is working in spite of some flare ups. In the meantime, I’ll be heading in for gallbladder surgery next week, so I’m really going through the medical procedures these days!! It is a blessing to live in a country where there is abundant medical help when much of the world is suffering.

As for the Mengen church, the work continues to move ahead. Recently there was a conference at Hoskins with Bible teachers from other tribes in Papua New Guinea meeting together for a time of fellowship and sharing in God’s Word. How great to know that the Mengen Bible teachers were able to be blessed in this way and to make connections with believers all over PNG. I’m sure it was an encouragement to their hearts.

The Mengen missionary team is also on the move. In just a few weeks time, the Laureti family will be returning to South Africa for their home assignment while the Flanagan family will be returning to PNG in the Fall. If you remember, the Flanagans had a little baby born with heart defects about 6 years ago. Praise the Lord that Karis has been well and healthy and thriving for many years now. Two more babies also joined the Flanagan family, so they will be returning to PNG as a family of 7. It will be so fun for their friends in our village to see how big the older kids are and to meet the newest 3 additions!! Please pray for these families as they will be making major transitions in the days ahead.

The Mengen New Testament still remains top priority for me in spite of the many distractions of settling back in Canada. I have quite a bit of work to do in the days ahead and am looking forward to getting into a routine one of these days. Recently I heard that my translation consultant will be in the USA longer than what she had originally thought, so it looks like I will be going back to PNG in January now. Of course the delay is disappointing, but the Lord knows all of these things and His timing is perfect. I am so thankful that I can rest in the knowledge that He is in control of His work.

Pressing on till He returns,