Dear friends and family

This time Heti went with me. They had some heavy rain in the Upper Bena valley so we had a bit of a slippery slidey ride up there. That night it came in to rain again so we had the lesson in the house. The lesson was the man with the withered hand and the parable of the sower. Wednesday morning we had a good group and taught about Jesus calming the storm on the lake. At the end of the lesson I asked them what kind of a man Jesus was. They said, “Amuyahiti bomo nohibe (a strong/powerful man) .” That night we started into the lesson on the feeding of the five thousand then it started to rain so we hurriedly pulled the pictures down and into the house.

They decided that we would have the lesson next morning but a fight broke out in the village up the road so everyone rushed off to try and settle it leaving the old man ‘Papaso’ sitting there (pictured to the left). I encouraged Heti to go and take him through some of the lessons from the beginning. Papaso had been a pastor of one of the churches here in his younger days. Most of the churches are not evangelical so we don’t know how much he understands of what Christ did for us on the cross. As Heti went through the story with him he remembered a lot of it from when he was a pastor. Heti said that he was very clear on a lot of what we had taught. Pray that as we teach Jesus’ death for us and resurrection the Lord will give him clear understanding on what He did for us.

As we were leaving the village we met Robert and he said that they were able to settle things in the village up the road. So, we only taught two lessons this week but Heti had a good opportunity one on one with Papaso so we were encouraged that the Lord had directed this way.

With love from

David and Wendy