Reading through my class evaluations a few days ago I encountered one that came from a very angry student. I don’t know if it was just a bad day, but this student caught me completely off guard. If I were to believe what this person wrote, I might as well quit ministry right now.

But, of course there were a number of other evaluations as well, all of them mostly positive. I hope to be able to talk personally with this student, if we can ascertain for certain who it is, and help them grow in how to express discontent or criticism of others without attacking their character. And I will learn from the criticism and improve my classes, by the grace of God!

In the meantime, this has primarily been a month of victory. The students all finished, mostly well. We made it through our busiest time of year without any break downs. God was honored through a ribbon cutting ceremony that was attended by several dignitaries from our community as well as people from as far away as Washington and Nevada. The Student Ministry Showcase went well and was also well attended. Graduation brought glory to God as we celebrated one Bachelor of Biblical Studies (BBS)
graduate, five BBS Associates, nine one-year Certificates, and four Christian Ministry Certificates awarded to extension students from the Navajo Reservation. Thank you so much for praying!

I am not behind in my on-line class . . . yet anyway, though I wish I had more time to maximize the opportunity to learn. Please pray with me again that I might be able to obtain five more interviews with non-Christian Navajos and will learn what would be most helpful in making me most effective in ministry. Pray too for work crews that start coming this weekend to work on the new facility, in addition to other maintenance. Ask God for a miracle from the City in regard to permits that would allow the crews to be used to their potential.
Blessed summer to you!

Students at the Student Ministry Showcase.