Dear friends and family

Heti didn’t go up again this week. He was picking his mother’s coffee. Tuesday night I taught the lesson on Jesus’ baptism. We had taught them the trinity before but this lesson gives a graphic view of the trinity and how they worked together at the beginning of Jesus’ ministry. Next morning I taught the lesson on His temptation. The audacity of Satan to think that he could tempt Jesus to sin, even to worship him. He won a great victory over Satan and, of cause, His final victory over Satan is assured.

The lesson on Nicodemus was a good one and there were a good group of people there. Nicodemus was a religious leader yet he didn’t understand the concept of the spiritual birth by the Holy Spirit. He thought that by keeping the law he would gain God’s acceptance. These people have much the same idea that they will be accepted by God if they do good things and go to church. When Jesus said, “Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the desert, so the Son of Man must be lifted up.” They were amazed that even then Jesus knew how he was going to die.


Next morning things got off to a late start. Ekesue’s mother had died and they were collecting money to help with her funeral. I was able to get the dishes washed, the house cleaned, the car packed up and even turned around ready to take off as soon as the lesson was over. The lesson was on the paralytic being let down through the roof of the house. Jesus proved that he was God by doing what only God could do. Heal the paralytic and forgive his sins. This lesson also dealt with the ‘sign of Jonah’ showing that even then Jesus knew that He was going to rise again after three days. At the end of that lesson I asked if they were going on Cain’s road or Abel’s. Were they trusting in God’s faithfulness or making Him a liar. Everyone said that they were going on Abel’s road and trusting in God’s faithfulness. Pray that when we get to the death and resurrection of Christ what they are claiming now will prove to be genuine. This will only come through the Holy Spirit’s work in their hearts.

With love from

David and Wendy