Dear friends and family

This week Heti wasn’t able to go up because he has to pick his coffee. This is the third week now that he hasn’t gone up with me which makes it a bit difficult having to do it on my own. Also I was hoping Heti would get more involved with teaching as he is a good teacher. The trouble is I am taking him away from his work for two days a week (whenever he goes up with me).

I was a bit discouraged with the numbers dropping off since the lesson on the law but very encouraged by Ableso’s keenness and the way she is quickly catching on. In the story of Moses hitting the rock instead of speaking to it as God told him to I asked them if Moses was trusting God. They all said that he was trusting God then Ableso piped up and said, “No, he wasn’t trusting God.” She was right, he wasn’t trusting God when he disobeyed Him. The next two lessons brought us almost to the end of the Old Testament. I was hoping to finish the Old Testament Thursday morning but the family were having a mumu and where busy with that. So next week we will finish off the Old Testament and start into the story of Jesus.

This time I am asking you to please pray with us regarding some serious needs in the Bena work.

  • Pray that the Lord will show Heti clearly what work He wants him to do.
  • Our time here in PNG is limited yet there is no one in the pipeline to take over from us. We believe that the Lord has the right people in mind, we just don’t know who yet.
  • We are desperately short of material to work with. We have translation and lessons up to Romans but once we teach Romans where will we go from there?
  • One huge need for Koropa is literacy. Very few people can read or write. I will not be able to fit literacy in as well as teach. Also one or two days a week would not be enough especially for those who are struggling to learn.

The Lord has the answers to these needs so PLEASE PRAY.

With love from

David and Wendy