Our car is now back on the road HOOORAAAY!!! We went to Lapilo, picked up the parts which had just arrived by plane then out to the village Friday the 4th. We put the wheel back together and got the car back here. The village people where happy to see the car gone so that they can dry their coffee and also with the goodies we left with them.

Well back to the 11th week of teaching at Koropa. This email has been a little late getting to you because my computer was in computer dept getting repaired. Anyway, Tuesday night I taught the last lesson on the law and there was a lot of talk afterwards when they realized that they all break God’s laws all the time. One man said, “We break God’s laws all the time so what can we do?” I said, “The story isn’t finished yet. Something is coming in the story that will answer that question.” In the next morning’s lesson God gave instructions for the building of the tabernacle and sacrificial system. God desired to live with His people but they were sinners. So He made provision for them until sin would be dealt with at a later date. In the next lesson the people of Israel made and worshiped the golden calf proving that they couldn’t keep God’s laws. Neither can we. Then in Thursday morning’s lesson the people rebelled against going into the promised land. It was a little disappointing that after the lesson on the law the numbers dropped off, partly because of the rain that brought the river up and maybe some conviction of sin. Please pray for them. This week we should reach the end of the Old Testament.

With love from

David and Wendy