Laurel here… I wrote this while waiting at the orthodontist office for Gabriel to get his braces off , then I forgot to send it! Now I’m adding an update as I sit in the hospital with Miriam waiting for the doctor to come. She has been having right lower abdomen pain for some time. We were in the ER on 4/10 when they ruled out appendicitis … and here we are back again. So, as I type, I am so thankful to know that our support team prays for us even when you don’t know what is happening.

Update on Miriam:

She was discharged with no answers as to what is going on. Not GI, not appendix…yet, not OB issues, blood work clear. She is still having the pains. The Dr. said it could be chronic appendix issues and if we end up back in the ER that is probably where they will go next….regardless of clear blood work. So, we are praying much and appreciate you joining us in asking for this to just heal on its own.

News from Mexico

  • Recently, in a village near one of our bases there were 19 Huichol people baptized. This is a huge step as they are announcing to all their friends and family their faith in Jesus.
  • Huichol Youth Camp was this past month. 200 youth from 12 different areas in central Mexico came together. At the end service 15 youth came forward to accept Christ as their Savior and some others came for prayer. Our pilots were busy flying kids back to their villages after camp. We are thankful for the safe flights.


FCA’s 2nd Mission Trip was Successful!

Misty Ried (Bible teacher) and I took the two senior girls to Cote d’Ivoire, W. Africa, to experience missions. We spent three weeks out of our comfort zone, in a culture that is so different, observing the ministry and trying to help. It has left a lasting impression. Yvonne (light blue clothes) believes God is calling her into missions. She didn’t even want to leave Africa! (It was sad saying goodby to my childhood home, but I gotta say, I was happy to return to clean and dry USA.) I am so thankful for those who gave for this trip to happen and excited to see how God has worked in the lives of Kristina and Yvonne. Thank you for your prayers for us!


  • Bethany graduates on May 19. Paul and I will be flying across for that. We have meetings scheduled for the 20th and then will return to Tucson.
  • Matthew was medically disqualified from the military. It seems that eczema, even if from age 3-13, is a big deal. We don’t really believe that, but instead see this as God’s direction. Matthew plans to work at Camp Merriwood again this summer and then return to Tucson for EMS training.
  • Meanwhile, back in the shop Paul diligently works to keep as many of the planes safely flying as he can, while continuing to re-build 52Q for ministry.