What an amazing, gracious God we serve! I asked Him specifically to provide the full amount of cash needed to pay for the new property, and He did! Last Wednesday our business manager handed Pioneer Title Agency a check for the full amount we offered the Salvation Army: $675,000! Paid in full! I’m beginning to realize more and more that God truly owns everything and when He wants funds to provide for a work of His, He simply rearranges them! No big deal! And just this evening I learned that the property actually closed on Friday, though they failed to notify us until today. Thank you so much to those of you who helped in making this purchase! What next?!

Thank you for praying for the students and staff on the 60th anniversary tour to the Northwest. After 22 events in 13 days, the four staff and five students arrived back at IBC on April 16, tired but blessed. God provided more funds toward the new property and renovations. The students gained an inside look at how IBC works and how you all support them with your prayers and compassion.

Meanwhile, the rest of the students, and one staff member, safely returned on April 13 from their ministry trip to the Soboba Reservation in California. Thank you for your prayers for everyone. Wade and I worked together consistently throughout the time that the students were gone, putting together a new manual for the life coaching program. We also created resources to aid in the development of our students in the areas of academics, time management, vocation, ministry, and finance. Lord willing, we will implement the revamped program this fall.

Today is the beginning of my next on-line class from Columbia Biblical Seminary. I am excited and nervous about studying Understanding Cultures and Worldviews, a very experience-based course requiring 10 interviews with people from a different ethnicity than myself (such as Native Americans!).

Please join me in praying that I would be diligent in my personal studies while finishing well at IBC. Our semester ends May 26 with commencement. Pray that the students would also finish well. Thank you so much!