Dear friends and family

Heti wasn’t able to go up this week so Wendy took the opportunity go. We had a larger vehicle so that made the drive a bit smoother. Wendy’s two friends at Koropa, Dolis and Ableso, wanted to come down here to see her but Wendy ended up going up to see them and the rest of the family. We made it up there mid-afternoon and they were surprised to see her. She hadn’t been up there for a long time.

That night we taught the lesson on the crossing of the Red Sea. Next morning we told the story of the journey to Mt Sinai and God’s provision of food and water in the desert. That night was the first lesson on the Law. To illustrate the purpose of the law I put mud on my face and when people asked about my dirty face I denied it saying that I couldn’t see it. Eventually Wendy confronted me with a mirror then I could see it. I tried to rub it off with my hands but that didn’t work then I tried the mirror but that didn’t work either. Then I explained that the purpose of the law was not to get rid of our sin but, like the mirror, only to show us that we are sinners.

Then we taught the first four commandments. The fourth commandment caused a bit of a stir. Some in the village were strong about needing to worship God on Saturday so Ableso (picture at right) asked us about it after the lesson. This is a difficult one because we didn’t want to teach them about the New Testament at this stage of the teaching but we couldn’t leave that law out of the lesson either. In the next morning’s lesson I talked a bit about what Paul said in Romans 14 about those who kept special days and those who kept every day alike. Both were doing it to honour God so we shouldn’t be at loggerheads with each other.

Then we went through the rest of the commandments. They readily agreed that they did those things. We have one more lesson on the law so pray that there will be genuine conviction of sin before we go on towards the New Testament which has the answer to their sin.

With love from

David and Wendy