Some exciting news: Fernando came all the way from Caborachi to be trained as a Bible translator. This month he and Dale will be learning translation principles and then continue the work via Skype once he returns to the village. (Dale wrote the Bible lesson
book that I formatted and printed last year.) PLEASE PRAY for them!

Speaking of Dale’s book, he just finished Volume 2. This will be my next project. I hope to finish it and have it ready for print by this fall. PLEASE PRAY for me as I work on this project.

Something else that I’m working on is translating Tarahumara language lessons from their Spanish version to English. This is for Pioneers missionaries. Having these lessons in English will help new missionaries learn Tarahumara more easily. PLEASE PRAY for this long-term project.

I am currently working part time on these missions projects as I continue to battle Lyme disease. I was diagnosed a year ago and have seen some gradual improvements. Treating it homeopathically takes a long time. The Lord recently led me to a local doctor, so hopefully the treatments will be more often and thus more effective. I would love to be well enough by August to travel down to Mexico and get Dale’s book printed. PLEASE PRAY FOR MY FULL RECOVERY!
Thank you for being a part of taking the Gospel to the Tarahumara people.

Love in Christ,