Dear Team Members,

G’Day from Central Florida, where Spring is kicking in!!!

April is almost over – IT HAS FLOWN BY!!!

Our daughter Esther came down to visit with their two children, Desi (almost 8) and Majh (almost 4) for a few days the first week of April. We had so much fun going to the beach and a local zoo and just being together. Lots of fun and HUGS!!!

Both Charlie and I have had colonoscopies this month :o( The doctor removed a large polyp from Charlie’s bowel. The doctor said he got it just in time and that he does not think it is cancerous and will have the report in about ten days. We appreciate prayers regarding that!!! The doctor said I have a loopy bowel and there is treatment for that. So with having chemo fog, I can say Charlie has a foggy and loopy wife 🙂 That is why I am what I am, so I am sticking to those reasons!

Our daughter Esther passed out late one evening at their home almost two weeks ago and hit her head. They are not sure what the cause was. So far tests do not show a reason. She will be having a cat scan on May 4th, and then other tests. Maybe dehydration was the cause, but they are not sure. She has continued to have a headache, which we trust will go away. Know she would appreciate your prayers!

About twelve years ago, in Australia, I had surgery on my left knee, and it is acting up again. In February I saw my orthopedic doctor here. He gave me an injection in the knee and said I need a knee replacement 🙁 Having had so many operations the past three years, I am feeling overwhelmed with that prospect!!!!! This week my knee has not been good, so will be talking with the doctor again. I would appreciate your prayers for peace regarding what to do!!!!!!!!!!!

Life goes on and we thank the Lord for His Strength and Encouragements day by day. Charlie continues to help when needed at the reception desk here at our NTM Retirement Center. Lots from day to day to keep us out of mischief!!!!! The Lord continues to bring folk into my life with cancer. We both soooo appreciate your Love and Prayers and Care for us!!!!!!! God Bless and Encourage each of you also!!!!!!

Laborer’s together in Him,

Charlie & Cherrie