What an eventful couple of weeks. When I rang Heti Tuesday before last he told me that the government member for this district and also a member of the PNG parliament lost his wife. He comes from up there near Koropa so they were having the funeral there that week. So we put the teaching on hold and just went up for the funeral. It was a big affair with several members of parliament attending.

This week they gave out a huge amount of food to all who came to the funeral to end the mourning period. They had that on Wednesday so we were able to teach Tuesday night after they had gotten ready for the mumu–a cow that they expected to be delivered. We taught the story of Jacob and Esau. Well, the cow was delivered in the middle of the night so they spent the rest of the night butchering the cow and getting the mumu going. When I got up in the morning they were already covering the mumu. We took the cooked meat from the cow to where they were giving the food out about 10 AM but they didn’t finish giving the food out until after 5 PM, what a day!! This morning we taught the story of Joseph. There were 13 adults and a lot of children. They seem to be following the teaching very well judging by the feedback we are getting back from them. When we told about what Joseph’s brothers did to him there was a lot of talk among them and shaking of heads, they couldn’t believe that they would do that to their own brother.

We got halfway home when the left front wheel bearing collapsed. We got someone to come and get us but we had to leave the car in a nearby village. Tomorrow I will be going out with Josh, who knows what he is doing, to take the wheel off and see what damage was done and get an idea what parts we need. Please pray that we can get the parts here fairly quickly so that we can continue to teach up there at Koropa. Pray also for wisdom to know what to do that until we get the parts.

With love from

David and Wendy