Dear friends and family

The latest on our vehicle.

We went out next day to take the wheel off and see what parts we need. When we took the hub apart it was full of mud. The rubber boots on the front drive shaft were split and I ordered new ones an put them on but it was too late, the mud was already in there. All of the parts in the hub were ruined plus bearings so we had to order the whole hub and break assembly. It is in Cairns waiting to come up here.

Monday the 9th Sevis from our village family at Koropa came to let us know that everyone will be in town that week at a funeral so we took the opportunity to take a break. So, last week we didn’t go up. This week I hired a vehicle from here, picked up Heti at Katagu and went up. That night we taught about Israel in Isipimo (Egypt) and the beginning of the story of Moses. We had a larger group than usual. Interest in the teaching seems to be growing. One of the things people are saying to us is that they had never heard what we are teaching taught in their churches. And hearing the story from the beginning is giving them a clear understanding of what the Bible is all about.

The next morning’s lesson was on Moses and the burning bush. We are getting a smaller group in the mornings but they are the regulars and that’s fine with us. After the lesson we went to visit Heti’s in-laws in a village called Masagu which is close to Koropa. When we got there I recognized them. In 1999 I had stayed overnight there so it was good to make contact with them again. That night we taught about the plagues. Again a large group but it was hard to see exactly who was there in the dark. The next morning’s lesson was the Passover, another important lesson emphasizing the importance of the shedding of blood. One thing I noticed this morning was that the regulars are starting to explain the story to newcomers going along the pictures and explaining them.

This week I am featuring our oldest village son, Sevis (picture at right). He helped me prepare the lessons so he has a better understanding of the teaching. Pray that he will gain a good understanding of the truths of God’s word and what Jesus accomplished for us on the cross.

With love from

David and Wendy