Dear praying friends,

                Below is an email I received from Jason Stuart this morning.  It has been nearly 19 years since there has been a missionary living at Samou with the Owininga people,  The Lord strengthened them, grown them, encouraged them and undertaken for them, and many times Jason has remarked how he has been encouraged to see the Owininga believers standing firm and continuing on with the Lord.  Satan has tried many things over the years to make the people stumble…   and now this.  Please pray.  In Him, Bev

Hi Everyone,

Last week I sat down with some Samou guys who came out to town and then have also been able to talk with some Samou guys on the radio. They all reiterated the same thing–to pray for the Samou church right now as it is experiencing “bruk pasin” (division). A charismatic group went into Samou earlier this year and they left one of their workers, who just left the village. Some of the church has joined the new group so there are now two “haus lotus” (churches) in Samou. From what I could gather, it seems that Andru, Emos, and Devit are still leading the NTM group but that Kris had gone over to the new group and was leading it (people were hesitant to give out names but this seemed to be the situation). Timoti Ariane has gotten fed up with the whole village situation and has moved to a bush camp between Samou and Inagri and a few families have gone with him and they do their own lotu (church) in the bush camp.

I think the Samou guys hope is that NTM will come in and tell everyone who is wrong and whip everyone into shape. I told them that John Hutteman will be going into Samou on a “getting to know you” type of visit and would encourage where he could but that he would not be “settling” this issue and that those type of things were up to them as a church, not up to us.

Anyway, please be praying for them.


Thank you,

Bev Croot