Greetings from the Asia Pacific!

My first week in Asia Pacific has gone well. I have been able to get around and spend some time with most of our missionary families living here in town, and some of us from our regional leadership team have been meeting as well.

One of the first jobs our Wana Team had to do was to get the Bible Conference materials printed up for next week’s Bible conference in Wana. We sent those in by land/canoe and they have already arrived the village. I think we are all set & ready for the conference to begin.

Then last night was the weekly young people’s meeting here in town. Most of the kids are from our Wana churches in the tribe. There are a total of about 50 kids who belong to this group. It has been a huge blessing to get a good youth program established for our Wana children who are in high school & college here in the provincial capital. The kids are all divided up into small break-away groups so last night a couple of the groups were responsible to review some of the chronological lessons they have been studying. It was a blessing to see – one of the Wana teenagers even had a power point to do his review!!! Wow are these the same people we started out with 40 years ago – what a change we have seen!!!

Early tomorrow morning there are four of us men, 2 of us expat missionaries and 2 of our Wana men, who will be boarding the helicopter to go into the tribe. We will be going into the Saluan tribe first to meet with the missionary team and church leaders there for a couple of days. Then on Monday morning we will be flying into the Wana tribe where we will be holding the Bible conference next week. We will appreciate your prayers as we begin studying through the book of Philippians, and as we have a number of business/planning sessions with our church leaders. One of the topics will of course be to discuss the growing number of school kids coming out to town and how to address their needs both physical and spiritual. We will appreciate your prayers as we will be out of touch with civilization for this next week and that we would be a blessing with those whom we minister. Thanks so much for being a part!


Ed n Jeanne

The young people’s meeting Thursday night
Wana teenagers reviewing the lessons via “power point” !!! – the young lad in the upper right is leading the lesson with some of the other from his group reading Scripture.
All the teenagers are being given a study Bible – here the signing of 7 more to be handed out.
The seven who received their Study Bibles.