Greetings All!

Just to let you know that we returned from the tribe after a wonderful visit with the Saluan tribal people and their missionary team, followed by a Bible conference in the Wana Tribe where we have been serving now for 40 years.

We were ALL really encouraged from the book of Philippians as we went through the first chapter of Philippians verse by verse and talked about how it applied to our lives, and in the context of church leaders and the importance of us praying for and leading those whom God has placed in our care. This was probably the best attended conference ever as it seems the church was near capacity (whatever that is :)) each time we met. During the afternoons we had business meetings where we discussed such things as outreach, kids schooling, church finances and etc. It was a great time. I really missed having my co-worker, Steve Rosengren, along this time. He and his wife Linda are semi-retired now and having to give more and more care to Linda’s mom, so he wasn’t able to attend. We have been in regular contact though so I have been able to keep them up to speed with all that is going on.

On Monday we, along with a number of consultants from our Wana churches, will be leaving for the island to the east where we will be visiting the Banggai missionary team. They are just now finishing up their language study so we will be giving them a “kick-off” and helping get them started in lesson development. They do have a very old Bible translation already done there but we have determined that we will also need to do a new translation for the people as it is not well understood. Again we will appreciate your prayers for this whole next week as we will be working with this team. Thanks too for your prayers for Jeanne and our parents – so far everything is going well with them too. And thanks so much for following our travels via these emails – we sincerely appreciate the prayers of everyone.


Ed n Jeanne

Beginning the Bible conference
Lots of discussion was generated
It was fun watching them follow along with their Bibles and handouts.
It was fun watching them follow along with their Bibles and handouts.
Break-away groups on the last day.